Ectropion is a condition where the eyelid is turning outwards. It is most commonly age-related.

Other causes of ectropion may include facial nerve palsy, skin scarring due to previous injury or chemical burn, skin sun damage, previous surgeries (blepharoplasty) and eyelid tumors.

Ectropion causes eye watering and ocular surface irritation. Its correction is surgical and involves tightening of the muscles and the eyelid itself. Depending on the cause it may occasionally require skin grafting. The ectropion surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and the scar is hidden in the natural skin folds. The recovery is very fast and the patient can return to work within a few days.


Bilateral lower eyelid ectropion. The lower eyelids are turned outwards exposing the ocular surface and impairing the tears drainage causing irritation and watering.