Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is the condition of reduced visual acuity as a result of abnormal vision development in childhood or infancy. It is the most common cause of reduced vision in children and most cases of amblyopia are preventable with appropriate intervention.

Causes of amblyopia are untreated squint of refractive error. Rarely causes of amblyopia include cloudy cornea or congenital cataracts.

Amblyopia is frequently revealed as part of a routine eye exam since children do not complain of reduced vision unless both eyes are affected. Therefore routine eye exams at the ophthalmologist are advised. Amblyopia is treated with proper spectacle correction of any refractive error and also patching of the healthy eye in order to encourage the child to use the weak eye. Squint  surgery is advised when amblyopia has been medically reversed.


Patch treatment in a child with amblyopia.