Chalazion is a non-infectious lump that is typically caused by blockage of the oil glands along the eyelid margins.

When acutely infected, it causes tenderness, eyelid heaviness and watering.

Conservative treatment involves lid hygiene, lid massage and topical steroid/antibiotic ointment application. In persistent cases surgical drainage of the cyst is recommended.


Left upper eyelid chalazion.

Χειρουργική αντιμετώπιση. Το βλέφαρο αναδιπλώνεται και δημιουργείται μία μικρή τομή από την εσωτερική του πλευρά. Το περιεχόμενο της κύστης αδειάζεται. Η τομή δεν απαιτεί ράμματα.

Surgical treatment. The eyelid is everted and the cyst is incised. The contents of the cyst are drained.